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CityPipe is an arcade puzzle game for Pocket PC. It mixes Plumber with Tetris: pick falling pipes, rotate and build a pipeline connecting all the customers.

Nice graphics, smooth and addictive gameplay, 40 hand-made levels.

Download CityPipe
This file is not an installer — it's a Pocket PC executable!


  • 40 beautiful levels to play
  • High-score table on our website
  • Nice alpha blended graphics
  • No large memory needed (about 2 Mb)
  • No installation required - simply copy the game to your PDA


  • 240×320×16-bit screen
  • 2 Mb of memory, 1 Mb of storage
  • Windows Mobile or Windows CE


Q: How to post my results?
A: This feature will be available later.

Q: How to restart the game from the beginning?
A: Delete "progress.dat" file (all your progress and high-score will be lost!).

Q: The game is too hard!
A: Practice! Develop your skills :) Also check out the tips below.

Q: The game is too easy!
A: Try not to lose a single pipe and build only optimal pipelines.

The ultimate task of the game is to earn as much money as possible. For this you have to reduce the pipeline cost, and this is not a trivial task. You may play the game 20 times and still don't get the best possible score. Here are the pipe prices for quick reference:


1. Most important advice: build fast, do not let pipes to accumulate. Otherwise you will be consumed by constantly dragging pipes from bottom to top. This leaves no time for building the pipeline.

Instead, as soon as a new pipe is generated, quickly find a place for it, drag it there and drop.

2. Build at those places that do not require pipe rotation:

3. Use Left/Right or Up/Down cursor keys to rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise. This can save you up to 2 button clicks and that's a lot of time!

4. If you feel that you are losing control over the situation – start building not optimal pipeline. It is not good for the score, but at least you will finish the level.

5. You may also drop some pipes on an empty ground, not connecting them to the main pipeline. You won't have to drag them constantly to the top anymore.

6. Plan your optimal pipeline beforehand. Plan how you will build the pipeline and hook up all the customers. Building optimal pipeline also means that you will need fewer pipes and fewer things to connect together, i.e. an easier situation.